In Conversation with Betty Reardon | Session 1 || Sexism and Militarism

“In Conversation with Betty Reardon” is a project of Sansristi, the Global Campaign for Peace Education and Prajnya.  All conversations in this series were recorded in August 2020.

In this video, the first of 6 in the series, Betty Reardon illuminates the integral relationship between sexism and militarism, and explores their modern manifestations.  She also unfolds the relationship between patriarchy and systems of oppression, and the challenges of transforming social, political and cultural institutions shaped by the structural violence of sexism.

Click here to view the full series on youtube.

Guiding Inquiries

The following questions are proposed to support further inquiry into the dilemmas of sexism and militarism.  We recommend using these inquiries in conjunction with the video and the resources for further study suggested below.

  • Betty Reardon argues that sexism and militarism go hand-in-hand: that you can’t eliminate one without eliminating the other. What are the relationships between sexism, militarism and patriarchy?
  • Identify and discuss local to global manifestations and impacts of sexism and militarism. How is patriarchy linked to systems of oppression?
  • Why is a gender perspective critical to the pursuit of positive, sustainable peace? What are some possibilities for integrating a gender perspective into security discourse and policy, peace processes, and peacebuilding efforts?

Resources for Further Study

About Betty Reardon

Betty A. Reardon is a world-renowned leader in the fields of peace education and human rights; her pioneering work has laid the foundation for a new cross-disciplinary integration of peace education and international human rights from a gender-conscious, global perspective.

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