Ilan Gur-Ze’ev and Education: Pedagogies of Transformation and Peace

Pedagogies of Transformation and Peace, 1st Edition

Ilan Gur-Ze’ev and Education: Pedagogies of Transformation and Peace critically analyses and introduces the main ideas of Ilan Gur-Ze’ev, reflecting on his continuing theoretical and practical relevance to the field of education. This book offers an accessible, higher-level critical discussion on the thought of Ilan Gur-Ze’ev with an impressive breadth and contemporary focus.

The book focuses on Gur-Ze’ev’s ‘counter-pedagogy’ project, which brought him much attention and attempts to establish an alternative and non-dogmatic form of education. Gur Ze’ev’s views go against ‘critical pedagogy’ and ‘neoliberalism’, because while the former advocates achieving a utopia in which there is no oppression, the latter defends the idea that ‘wants and desires’ need to be satisfied through a process of ‘marketisation’. This book brings to notice Gur-Ze’ev’s concepts of ‘counter-education’ and ‘diasporic education’ which seek to pursue the truth in everyday life, rather than achieving a utopian goal, or the promised land.

This unique and up-to-date monograph will be of great interest for researchers, academics, and postgraduate students in the fields of philosophy of education, theory of education, peace education, Jewish education, neoliberalism, and sociology of education.

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