International Institute on Peace Education celebrates 40th anniversary

The International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) 40th Anniversary Celebration of “Living History, Global Voices” took place via zoom on Saturday, March 18, 2023. This special virtual event was a “night of a thousand stars,” gathering participants from the first 4 decades of the IIPE to share their experiences in an interactive format.

The virtual gathering began with stories and reflections from a sampling of IIPE community members (2 from each decade).  Following these inspiring and catalyzing stories, all participants shared their own experiences in smaller breakout sessions organized by decade.

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IIPE 40th Anniversary Video Recording

All participants were invited to reflect upon the following prompts related to their IIPE experiences:

  • I’ll never forget when… Share a significant IIPE experience that impacted you and why.
  • My eyes were opened when… What have been your most significant learnings from IIPE?  How has exposure to these new ideas shaped your current and future paths?
  • IIPE inspired me to…. What experiences or learnings from IIPE have inspired personal and/or professional action?
  • I can’t wait to… What connections and ongoing opportunities for learning have emerged (or are emerging for you) based on your IIPE experience?

The event concluded with a brief ritual closing and reflections from Betty Reardon, our beloved founder and friend from whom so many inspirations, learnings, and peace actions have flowed.

This word cloud is a compilation of words used by the participants of the 40th anniversary celebration to reflect on the event and connection to IIPE over the last 4 decades. Word size reflects the number of times a word was repeated and the blue and green of the shape intend to represent the earth we share and care for together.
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