Human rights-based approach handbook for higher education

Human Rights-Based Approach Handbook For Higher Education

Citation: Tibbitts, F. (2022). Human rights-based approach handbook for higher education. Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.

Resource Description

This handbook is intended for use by university administrators, faculty, students, and higher education partners. The main aim of the handbook is to shine a light on the ways in which teaching and learning processes can be designed to reflect and promote human rights. We explore these opportunities through HRBA principles as well as examples from practice. In addition to addressing these practice-oriented aspects of HRBA, the handbook touches upon the premise of the university as a duty bearer, and the targets and potential processes of reform within the university itself. How can the university revitalize its mission to promote social justice in way that is meaningful and lasting? What would it look like to have a HRBA within a university? This handbook assumes that a higher education institution that consciously reviews and continuously improves upon its own policies and practices in keeping with human rights will be better positioned to fulfill the aims of the right to education: both to promote the full development of personality and the development of societies that are just and peaceful and ensure freedom.

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