How to build, sustain and grow a career in Peace Education with Phill Gittins

Social Change Career Podcast (Season 6, Episode 13)

(Reposted from: PCDN.  May 15, 2020)

From school dropout to PhD holder.  Meet peace educator Phill Gittins. Phill has received multiple awards for his contributions to peace and social change, including the Rotary Peace Fellowship.

In Episode 13 of Season 6, Phill shares how he has lived, worked, and traveled in over 50 countries across 6 continents and taught in schools, colleges and universities in 8 countries.

He currently serves as the Education Director for World BEYOND War and is a Peace Ambassador for the Institute for Economics and Peace.

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  1. This episode is so rich and needed! As an incoming Peace Ed student from South America, I had so many questions in my head and he answered several of them. Thank you for creating this podcast. For sure I will always listen to it!

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