Grant opportunity for child-led projects. Apply by March 31, 2022

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Are you or your organization (faith communities, schools, etc.) working with groups of children? If so, motivate and support them to get involved in the Children’s Solutions Lab 2022. This is a fantastic opportunity to be selected for one of our five micro-grants (ranging from 500 USD to 2000 USD) to implement a child-led project in their community.

Initiated in 2020 by Arigatou International, the Children’s Solutions Lab (CSL) aims to support children in taking action to tackle child poverty in their communities through education-based solutions.

As the first step to applying, we are inviting adults supporting groups of children to organize what we call a “Children’s Solutions Lab event” a workshop to allow children to discuss if and how poverty is affecting their peers and to motivate them to identify solutions to address this issue through education.

Motivated by their reflections, children are expected to identify education-based solutions to address child poverty in their communities and put these solutions together into a project that they can submit for our international selection process. Five groups of children will be selected and announced by April 21, 2022.

Visit our website to get all the details, a list of FAQs, and the form to apply. The website also includes guidelines on how to organize the workshop with children and how to support them in applying.


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