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Co-labhairt ANGEL 2023

June 19 @ 9: 30 - June 20 @ 3: 30 f Ceanglaichean Taic &

Saor an-asgaidh

Co-labhairt ANGEL 2023 aims to bring together interested parties from all backgrounds for two exciting days of sessions showcasing and discussing research, projects, and new developments connected to Global Education and Learning or Global Citizenship Education, and other related fields such as Development EducationFoghlam Còraichean DaonnaFoghlam airson Leasachadh SeasmhachFoghlam airson Sìth, agus Intercultural Education. This event, which is free to attend, will prioritise transversal activities that promote and enrich connections between researchers, policy-makers, and civil society organisations, especially those which capitalise on the rare opportunity to gather face-to-face.


7, place de Fontenoy
Paris, 75007 An Fhraing
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