Free downloadable Trainers Guide to Successful Conflict Styles Workshops

Ron Kraybill, Riverhouse ePress, 2013.Conflict_Styles_Trainers_Guide2012

This 25 page guide by Dr. Ron Kraybill, a veteran peace educator and trainer with 30 years of experience throughout the world, is designed to enable anyone with basic skills in group facilitation to lead a conflict styles workshop. Step-by-step outline with many samples of suggested trainer inputs includes training exercises, suggestions for opening and closing, a section on culture and conflict, discussion questions, and a roleplay.

The guide is keyed to the “Style Matters” inventory, but most of the content applies to any inventory based on the Mouton Blake Grid, including the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument. Style Matters is sold by Riverhouse at modest cost and offered free for first time use in educational institutions. Riverhouse has a philosophy of negotiating costs to fit the realities of user institutions.

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