“Exercising Marital Patience in the Time of Covid-19”

Manila, Philippines: Harriet H.Hormillosa, Ph.D. is the founder and managing director of the Reintegration for Care & Wholeness Foundation, Inc. As a long time marriage and family counselor, Dr. Hormillosa enumerates the symptoms of “couple cabin fever” as a result of a deep sense of being overwhelmed mentally, emotionally and physically, while sharing the home space in very uncertain times. She explains the three Cs of living in marital harmony during a lockdown: care, communication, and channeling grace for each other as prescription to keeping couple relationships healthy during the pandemic.

This video is from The Families for Peace channel, which aims to strengthen the positive well-being of families across various circumstances. The Families for Peace offers resources directed to parents and children undergoing conflicts brought about by these changing times. By combining theory and practice, family experts, educators, as well as, parent and children advocates, discuss the necessary skills needed to increase the competence of family members in dealing with crisis situations and challenging conditions.

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