Everything that is Possible: Encouraging UN & Civil Society Action on Afghanistan

See other recent appeals for civil society action on Afghanistan here.

Everything that is Possible

Those who reviewed yesterday’s post of the WILPF document outlining multiple bases within the UN system for action on Afghanistan, will know that more is, and has been, possible than the world organization has dared to undertake.  Civil society continues to look for opportunities to bring such possibilties to the attention of those within the UN system that have the capacity to act. Yesterday’s post of an open letter from Canadian parliamentarians and civil society organizations demonstrates the kind of global responsibility all world citizens might manifest in this and other crises.

This post is another example of one civil society attempt to move the world body to action. Please read the proposal put forth in this letter to the Canadian Ambassador to the UN and copied to the Irish ambassador.  If you agree, please sign to indicate your support. The additional signatures will be forwarded to the Canadian and Irish UN missions.

BAR, 8/16/21


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