Education for Transformation

“How does anyone ever learn a really new thing? Since utopias are by definition ‘new,’ ‘not-yet,’ ‘other,’ human beings will be able to function in them in ways that do not throw us back to the old order only if we pay enough attention to the learning. Wishful thinking about the desired transformation of consciousness as an inevitable historical process distracts us from studying the difficult disciplines that will make transformation possible.”

– Elise Boulding, Cultures of Peace: the Hidden Side of History (2000)

Learn more about this quote by visiting the Global Campaign for Peace Education’s very own Peace Education Quotes & Memes: A Peace Education Bibliography.  The bibliographic directory is an edited collection of annotated quotes of perspectives on theory, practice, policy, and pedagogy in peace education. Each quote/bibliographic entry is complemented by an artistic meme that you are encouraged to download and spread via social media.

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