Education for Peace: Planning for Curriculum Reform

This Resource and Development Capacity Package was developed based on the belief that, as part of a wider social, economic and political effort, education can play a significant role in a country’s peace-building efforts. Its purpose is to assist Member States in integrating or strengthening peace education programs in their national education systems to promote peace and prevent future conflict. UNESCO, IBE, and IIEP developed this resource within the framework of UNESCO’s Intersectoral Project, Promoting a culture of peace and non-violence in Africa through education for peace and conflict prevention. The Package contains Technical Guidelines and Capacity Development training modules on policy, program design and curriculum planning to integrate peace and conflict prevention into all aspects of the education system. It is meant for curriculum developers and planners from Africa.

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1 thought on “Education for Peace: Planning for Curriculum Reform”

  1. Evangelist Kaye Abraham

    This moves made by UNESCO and it’s partners promoting..educating and empowering students and people’s of Africa is just too timely and phenomenal at a time we threshing into the 21 century civilization and political turbulences
    I own and lead a Peace education and nonviolent campaigns organization-K-Global Peacetalks Initiative based in USA but work primarily engaged on Capacity building and human development. on Peace education curriculum development and training with ICNC and Others.
    K-Global will be highly interested taking this program into war torn and economically trapped Africa countries. .@ K-Global Peacetalks Initiative, Evangelist Kaye Abraham

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