“Earthaluliah”: Let us Resolve to Save Earth

Intro –  “Earthaluliah”: Let us Resolve to Save Earth

One primary Global Campaign for Peace Education resolution for the New Year is to focus mind, action, and spirit (that inner energy all of us tap into when acting to realize primary human values) on saving our planet. To fulfill that resolution we, as peace educators, assert that we must learn to think and behave in entirely new ways. Through 2023 we will propose inquiries into those new ways of thinking and behaving. The core of this inquiry will be reverence for Earth and comprehension that the human species is an organ of this living planet.

We share the post below from the Rev. Billy as a start toward that thinking, not because we agree with every premise (full disclosure, I, Betty, am an aspiring Christian of the Episcopal persuasion who also believes in the experience and “inspiring” energy of secular spirituality), but because we are struck by the much-needed urgency of his call to reduce human consumption that is cannibalizing the planet and his call to revere Earth.

There are many proposals to “protect the environment” or “reduce climate change.” All should be considered as we build a wider movement to save this beautiful planet. Differences should be tolerated and diversity cherished as essential values integral to our goal.

An Earth-loving New Year to all.
Betty Reardon
Co-Founder, GCPE

From the Newsletter of Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Choir

(Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Choir are a radical performance community. They use music, language and creative direct action. They work for the Earth.  Learn more via their website.)

For some of you this is no surprise: our work is “bringing humor and music to the environment movement.”  But a deeper truth might be that we are “bringing a spiritual life to defending the Earth.”  Maybe I should say a SECULAR spiritual life.  No gods please.  Just the Earth.

The big riddle of our time is: How can we remain so passive in the face of the Earth’s crisis?  We can’t get people to stop shopping and we’ve been trying hard for 20 years.  On the other hand, what activism is working?  The Church of Stop Shopping attended COP26 in Glasgow, a year ago, and we met all the enviro-types, people with green careers in famous institutions, people with ideologies and lawsuits and scary climate data… it’s not working.

How can anyone avoid the old wisdom that says that – the Earth is alive.  In our community, we’re not all the way there yet, but it’s coming into our music and my sermons.  We’ve got a building now and have our Earthchurch services every Sunday and our activism is so much stronger.

We ask that you take this leap with us. The earth spirit becomes clear in flashes, especially when we’re singing.  The Earth is the activist now.  When we are effective, singing in that Chase bank, shielding that tree from the chainsaw – we feel the Earth saving herself.


Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Choir

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