Peace Education Global Knowledge Clearinghouse

The Peace Education Global Knowledge Clearinghouse is the world’s largest and regularly updated collection of resources on peace education.

About & Tips for Using the Clearinghouse
With a searchable database of peace education curricula, news, research, reports, and analysis from around the world curated by the Global Campaign for Peace Education and its members, the Clearinghouse is a go-to knowledge hub for researchers, policymakers, donors, and practitioners.

Using the Clearinghouse

Click on the resource title to open it!

Searchable/Sortable Filters

You can search the Clearinghouse via an open search using the text box.  Additionally, you can utilize the three searchable and sortable filters:

  • Categories describe the type of resource.  There are approximately 20 main categories, including curricula, news, reports, opinion, and research.
  • Tags describe the focus of the resource.  Most entries will have several tags.  Currently, there are 700+ tags, covering a range of topics from #human rights to #transformative learning to #youth peacebuilders.
  • Country/World Region indicates the country/countries or world region of focus of the resource.  World regions appear in ALL CAPS.
With nearly 1800 current submissions, and 30-50 new resources added monthly, the Clearinghouse is constantly expanding.  The Clearinghouse is also a work in progress.  Our volunteer team is working hard to “tag” articles with key themes and countries to make the database more searchable and functional for researchers. As of July 1, 2020 we’ve “tagged” nearly half of our content collection.  We are always looking for volunteers to help add new content (we have a backlog of 100+ resources ready to be added).  If you would like to volunteer to support this project, and if you have some basic website (wordpress) experience, please contact us.
Add to the Collection
The Global Campaign for Peace Education invites its members to contribute news, research, curricula, reports and analysis to the Clearinghouse.  In addition to featuring these contributions here, they will also be shared on the Campaign website, distributed via our email lists, and posted on social media.  Click here to share your resources and to contribute to the Clearinghouse
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