Call for papers: Special issue of In Factis Pax

Scholars of peace education, social justice, cultural theory, and educational theory are invited to submit articles for a Special Bilingual (Spanish/English) Issue related to the theme of “Weaving Together Intercultural Peace Learning.”

Special Earth Day call for contributions to a volume redefining global security from a feminist perspective

The redefinition of security undertaken in this volume will be Earth centered in its conceptual explorations and contextualized within the existential threat of the climate crisis. An underlying assumption of the explorations is that we must profoundly change our thinking, about all aspects of security; first and foremost, about our planet and how the human species relates to it. Proposals are due June 1.

New book: Reclaimative Post-Conflict Justice

Janet Gerson and Dale Snauwaert present an important contribution to our understanding of post-conflict justice as an essential element of global ethics and justice through an exploration of the World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI). Free preview of the foreword by Betty A. Reardon.

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