Special Issue of the journal In Factis Pax based on the 2022 International Institute on Peace Education held in Mexico

The theme of this Special Bilingual (Spanish/English) Issue “Weaving Together Intercultural Peace Learning” is derived from a collaborative process to formulate the guiding inquiry for the International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) Mexico 2022. This theme refers to conceptual understandings and transformative practices for fostering constructive interconnectedness and interdependence for peace learning, which explore the balance of sentipensar (feeling-thinking) and cognitive-emotional processes.

New Book: Peace and Reconciliation in International and Islamic Law

“Peace and Reconciliation in International and Islamic Law” explores the synergies and the differences between the two systems of international and Islamic law in the area conflict resolution focusing on selected conflict theatres around the world; along with interfacing with international humanitarian norms, human rights standards, treaties, best practice vis a vis exploring innovative concepts such as theo-diplomacy as means to attempting to facilitate a peaceful resolution to a conflict.

Dialogue on Peace as the Presence of Justice: Ethical Reasoning as an Essential Learning Goal of Peace Education (Part 3 of 3)

This is the third in a three-part series dialogue between Betty Reardon and Dale Snauwaert on “Dialogue on Peace as the Presence of Justice.”  The authors invite peace educators everywhere to review and assess their dialogue and the challenges outlined, and to engage in similar dialogues and colloquies with colleagues who share the common goal of making education an effective instrument of peace.

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