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UN Urged to Declare a Global Peace Education Day

Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury, former Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the UN and Founder of The Global Movement for The Culture of Peace, spoke at the First Annual Peace Education Day Conference organized virtually by The Unity Foundation and Peace Education Network. The conference organizers support an agenda to create a “Global Peace Education Day.” [continue reading…]


Abolish Nukes Now!

Social evils call for social response. For the peace education community, this means not only undertaking reflective inquiry into the ethical issues raised by nuclear weapons, but also giving equal attention to the ethical responsibilities of citizens to act to abolish them. [continue reading…]


Objects, Memory, and Peacebuilding

There is no single truth about the past. However, as Rei Foundation scholar Dody Wibowo argues, we are at times exposed to and asked to believe in a single definitive version of history. Using the lens of peace education, he asks us to consider the motives and strategies of government run museums, and suggests a way forward through museum practices that contribute to peacebuilding. [continue reading…]


Striving for Human Security While Ending Forever Wars

The Global Campaign for Peace Education urges the peace education community to inquire into the terms of the withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan that would be as ethical and constructive as possible. We see such an inquiry as a first step toward the design of a comprehensive and effective transition strategy from a militarized to human security system. [continue reading…]