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Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury on the Culture of Peace

Interview by Kosmos Journal of Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury, Former Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the UN, 11 December 2015. Amb. Chowdhury shares that “A key ingredient in building the culture of peace is education. Peace education needs to be accepted in all parts of the world, in all societies and countries as an essential element in creating the culture of peace. The young of today deserves a radically different education – one that does not glorify war but educates for peace, non-violence and international cooperation.”

Burundi: in state of fear, education union is targeted by government violence

The international community is offering support to Burundi’s education union as the country’s government has gone on a rampage of violence against civil society over the past weekend. With what has been described by Human Rights Watch as the most serious incident since the start of the crisis in Burundi in April, the numbers of killed and executed during the weekend raises to at least 87, according to the BBC. This level of violence against civil society and the “enemies” of the regime has put the affiliate of Education International (EI) in an even greater risk than the one it already faced during the past months.

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