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“Organizing 101” – Free online training by World BEYOND War!

World BEYOND War’s free 4-week (20-hour) online training “Organizing 101 Training” identifies effective strategies & tactics for engaging community members and influencing decision-makers. Participants will explore tips and tricks for utilizing traditional & social media and will look more broadly at movement-building from the perspective of “fusion” organizing and nonviolent civil resistance. [continue reading…]

Events & Conferences

Integrating Educational Perspectives into the International Peace Bureau World Congress 2016

The Global Campaign for Peace Education is collaborating with the International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) and partnering with the International Peace Bureau (IPB) to develop a special peace education strand on military and social spending at the IPB World Congress 2016. The theme for the Congress is ““Disarm! For a Climate of Peace – Creating an Action Agenda.” The aim of the IPB World Congress 2016 is to bring the issue of military spending, often seen as technical question, into the broad public debate and to strengthen our global community of activism regarding disarmament and demilitarization. Solutions to the enormous global challenges of hunger, jobs, and climate change can be significantly enhanced by real disarmament steps – steps that need to be clearly formulated and put into political reality.

IIPE & GCPE’s participation is intended to integrate educational perspectives, including formal and non-formal, public and community-based learning strategies, into the policy & citizen action recommendations generated at the Congress. IIPE & GCPE are also encouraging educators to participate in the Congress to learn from the experience and perspectives of activist and policy-maker counterparts.
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