Activity Reports

The Christian Forum Dimapur visits Manipur on peace and relief mission amidst ongoing conflict (India)

Beyond the distribution of relief materials, the Christian Forum Dimapur also emphasized the significance of interaction with inter-religious groups and intellectuals of the Meithei communities. This aspect of the mission aimed to foster dialogue, understanding, and communal harmony, promoting the idea of peaceful coexistence among diverse religious and cultural groups.

Children encouraged to be peacebuilders (Nagaland, India)

With the objectives to impart peace education and emphasize the importance of peace in the minds of the young people, Peace Channel organized a one-day Peace retreat for the students and teachers of various schools from Jalukie. 96 students and 7 teachers participated in the program.

The School Embraces the Truth (Colombia)

On June 9, more than 1,300 educational institutions throughout Colombia commemorated the first anniversary of the delivery of the Final Report of the Truth Commission. In the company of civil society organizations and education secretariats, the schools organized to live a special day with their educational communities, opening a path of dialogue and reflection on the value of truth in coexistence and the history of the Colombian armed conflict.

Involve communities in peacebuilding (Uganda)

It is essential to involve people at the grassroots level in providing solutions to their challenges. Therefore, peace education should be made compulsory in schools in the region. This was one of the conclusions of the inaugural honorary lecture series on peace building in the Great Lakes Region hosted by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Victoria University.

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