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An Afghan Woman Calls American Women to Solidarity

This open letter from one professional woman to another, an Afghan university administrator should challenge all American women to confront the consequences of the abandonment of those most prepared to guide Afghanistan toward constructive membership in the world community: the educated, independent women responsible for gains in social equality now trampled by the Taliban. With the help of the White House Office charged with gender issues, the original, un-redacted letter addressed to Vice President Kamala Harris has been delivered to the Vice President’s office. We hope it will also be read and discussed in courses in peace studies and peace education to give voice to the untold women in Afghanistan in the same circumstances as the writer, some of whom we hope will find places in our colleges and universities.

Civil Society Will Continue Advocacy for Afghanistan

When on August 30th the UN Security Council declared to the Taliban that it would keep apprised of and actively involved in the human rights situation in Afghanistan, it raised the challenge to civil society to continue and to increase its action to advocate the cause of the human security of the Afghan people.

Urgent appeal for Afghanistan’s scholars, students, practitioners, civil society leaders, and activists

Scholars at Risk (SAR), in partnership with higher education institutions, associations, networks, and professionals concerned about colleagues in Afghanistan, is seeking signatures from higher education community members to a letter addressed to US government officials urging them to take immediate action to help save Afghanistan’s scholars, students, and civil society actors.

Civil Society Continues to Call the World Community to Action on Afghanistan

As the fate of Afghanistan falls into the tightening grip of the Taliban, International Civil Society continues to call for action to mitigate the human suffering and keep alive the possibilities for peace. We encourage all members of the GCPE to find an action or actions to call upon their own governments and UN representatives to take up the cause of human rights and peace in Afghanistan.

Call to Action: UNSCR 1325 as an Instrument for the Protection of Afghan Women

Members of international civil society assert that the human rights and security of women and girls must be integral to whatever course of action the UN determines to take in Afghanistan. We invite you to join in this effort, by signing this call to protect Afghan women, to establish UNSCR 1325 as a practically applicable international norm, and to assure that peacekeepers are prepared to honor its principles.

GCPE signs the Compact on Women, Peace, and Security and Humanitarian Action. Please join us!

As the Global Campaign for Peace Education signs on to the “Women, Peace & Security and Humanitarian Action (WPS-HA) Compact,” we manifest our responsibilities as participants in global civil society, the origin of some of the most significant international norms we call upon. GCPE urges our readers & members to call upon all the civil society organizations through which they work to sign and join the Compact.

Petition for the deployment of a peacekeeping force to Afghanistan to provide security to the most vulnerable and help restore civil order

Some weeks ago, many signed to endorse the letter of May 14 to President Biden requesting humanitarian aid and protection for Afghan women and girls whose security has been jeopardized by the withdrawal of US and NATO troops. Now we seek your support to reinforce the call for the deployment of a peacekeeping force to provide security to the vulnerable and actualize a ceasefire to help restore civil order so that an inclusive and stable political settlement might be achieved.

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