Cameroon Minister of Basic Education Introduces Peace Education Concepts in the New Curriculum

By Mforndip Ben Oru, Teacher trainer and Peace Educator – Cameroon

Starting September 2018, children at the primary education level in Cameroon will be taught some peace education concepts. This declaration was made by the Cameroon minister of Basic Education on the occasion of the Second Preparatory Meeting for the Launching of the new academic year 2018/2019.

At a time that Cameroon is undergoing some socio-economic tension, it is just normal that children are nurtured in the way they should grow. It is the right time we start teaching our children about issues of war and how to get out from them. The situation we find ourselves today is because we have refused to teach our children about peace for a very long time. Peace like other concepts can be learned as well. As highlighted by the new curriculum, concepts like peace (negative and positive peace) will be taught, violence (Structural, direct, psychological etc) will be taught, conflicts (causes, types and stages will be taught. The outcome is to bring about behavioral change.

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