Call for papers: Special issue of In Factis Pax

In Factis Pax: Call for Papers

Special Issue on Weaving Together Intercultural Peace Learning

Scholars of peace education, social justice, cultural theory, and educational theory are invited to submit articles for a Special Bilingual (Spanish/English) Issue related to the theme of “Weaving Together Intercultural Peace Learning.”  This theme refers to conceptual understandings and transformative practices for fostering constructive interconnectedness and interdependence for peace learning, which explore the balance of sentipensar, thinking-feeling, and cognitive-emotional processes. This theme frames a shared inquiry for pursuing the possibilities of intercultural peace learning which embraces a plurality of forms of knowledge to address present-day global challenges as well as their local manifestations. Meeting these challenges requires building relationships across differences and fostering new kinds of learning

This inquiry was the guiding theme for the International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) Mexico 2022 that brought participants together to imagine how to reweave a shared social fabric by feeling-thinking a tapestry of intercultural peace learning based on a global interrelation of knowledges and emotion (as well as other ways of knowing) as driving forces for action. IIPE participants are particularly encouraged to submit papers based on their IIPE participation.

Due date for submission of articles is April 1, 2023. Articles should be 6,000-10,000 words. Articles should be submitted by email to Dale Snauwaert at

Submission Guidelines are available at

In Factis Pax is a peer-reviewed online journal of peace education and social justice dedicated to the examination of issues central to the formation of a peaceful society, the prevention of violence, political challenges to peace and democratic societies. Social justice, democracy, and human flourishing are the core factors which highlight the importance of the role of education in building peaceful societies. We invite articles and book reviews on topics related to these central issues.

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