Call for nominations: Peace, nuclear Abolition and Climate Engaged Youth (PACEY) Award

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Do you know of a youth project that addresses peace, nuclear disarmament and/or climate issues and that could be boosted by a prestigious award with €5000 in prize money to help it succeed? If so, we encourage you to nominate it for the 2023 Peace, nuclear Abolition and Climate Engaged Youth (PACEY) Award. Nominations are easy. And if you are young and involved in such a project (or proposal), you can nominate it yourself. The deadline for nominations is December 30, 2022.

The award was established by Basel Peace Office in 2020 as a €5000 award for a European Youth Project. In 2021, the City of Basel (Switzerland) joined and added a prize of €5000 for Beyond Europe/Global Youth Project. And we are pleased to announce that from 2023, we are joined by the Reformed Evangelical Church of Basel-Stadt with support for another award of €5000 for a second Beyond Europe/Global Youth Project, making three awards in total.

Finalists in each category will present their projects/proposals at the PACEY Awards event which takes place online on January 21, in conjunction with Basel Peace Forum 2023 and the annual Basel Inter-generational Forum on Peace, Disarmament and Climate Action (hybrid events). Participants at the PACEY Awards event will vote to determine the three winners.


PACEY Award organisers and sponsors

The PACEY Award is organised by Basel Peace Office and Youth Fusion. We thank the sponsors, Prof Andreas Nidecker MD, the President’s Office of Basel-Stadt Kanton and the Reformed Evangelical Church of Basel-Stadt for contributing the funding for the three prizes and for the award ceremony, a follow-up public event later in the year and additional organizational support for the prize winners.

Be inspired by previous PACEY winners:

* PACEY Award winners 2021

The winners of the 2021 PACEY Award were the Platform for Peace and Humanity project to advance the legal and human right to peace through a Global Coalition of Youth Ambassadors for the Right to Peace, and a project of World’s Youth for Climate Justice to take the issue of climate change to the International Court of Justice. Both projects have used the PACEY Award money and additional program support from Basel Peace Office and Youth Fusion, to advance their projects since winning the award.

Platform for Peace and Humanity have established a group of Youth Ambassadors and conducted various training sessions for them, in addition to inputting into the International Criminal Court review process on Crimes Against Peace and building a network of expert and high-level supporters (See project update). The Russian invasion of Ukraine and it’s severe impacts on human well-being demonstrate the importance of preventing war through a stronger recognition of the universal Right to Peace.

World’s Youth for Climate Justice have held a number of online and in-person events as well as intense advocacy to advance their project, including at COP meetings and the United Nations. They have succeeded in moving a core group of countries, led by Vanuatu, to start the process in the UN General Assembly to get the case to the court.

* PACEY Award Winners 2022

The winners of the 2022 PACEY Award were Faith for Earth Bosna i Hercegovina, a youth-led program building cooperation between Catholic and Muslim youth on environmental action, and Keep it in the Ground for Peace, a youth-led campaign to stop fossil fuel extraction in Africa. On November 8, youth leaders of the two initiatives spoke at a public event in Basel to report on progress made in the projects through the support of the PACEY Award.

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