Building a Peace Education Program: Critical Reflections on the Notre Dame University Experience in the Philippines

Peace Education Miniprints No. 38

Author(s):Toh Swee-Hin, Virginia Floresca-Cawagas & Ofelia Durante
Reproduced & distributed by: Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)
Date: November 1992

This paper draws upon the experiential and theoretical insights gained from 5 years of developing a peace education program at Notre Dame University in the Philippines. The critical reflections on that experience encompass the processes, relationships, and structures embodied in the program, and its achievements, constraints, difficulties, and prospects for the future. The personal, social, political, and cultural forces and influences underpinning the formation and evolution of the program also are explored. It is hoped that a case study of peace education in the Philippine context, which is burdened by such deep crises of conflict, violence, and human suffering, may yield meaningful answers and questions for enhancing the craft and struggle of educating for peace, justice, and compassion.

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