Rondine World House

Назва праграмы / курса / навучання: Rondine World House

Арганізацыя / Установа: Некалькі італьянскіх універсітэтаў (Фларэнцыя, Сіена, Балоння і іншыя)

Назва кафедры / каледжа: Міжнародны кампус Rondine World House

Узровень ступені:

Аспірантура - магістратура / PhD

The Citadel of Peace, in the heart of Italy, is a unique and innovative place for training for all young people interested in international topics such as conflict management and transformation, human rights, international cooperation, sustainable development, and social planning.

Rondine Cittadella della Pace is an ecosystem open to the world that trains “leaders of peace”, young people who want to play an active role in the change, starting from themselves.

Since 1998, young people coming from different regions, where conflicts have degenerated into violent forms or wars, converge in Rondine and agree to live together for two years, experiencing a daily dialogue and becoming messengers of peace, day after day.

Для атрымання дадатковай інфармацыі наведайце

Full-time 1st level Master + Rondine informal training

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