Адукацыя міру: год агляду і рэфлексіі (2021)

Dear Global Campaign for Peace Education members, friends, and supporters,

Thank you for being by our side in XNUMX. It has not been an easy year for any of us.  Being in community with our global network of peace educators has made navigating the multiple crises and the ongoing traumas exacerbated by the pandemic just a little bit easier. We are grateful to have had several opportunities to share, connect, learn, grow, and heal together.  And, coincidentally, along the way we’ve also accomplished a lot!   Looking back and reflecting on the accomplishments of XNUMX gives me great hope in knowing that we can, together, rise up to confront threats to peace and build a more peaceful world together through education.

Below is a brief report of some of our collective efforts to advance peace education as well as an overview of some of the significant activities that the Global Campaign for Peace Education conducted or contributed to in XNUMX.

- Тоні Джэнкінс, доктар філасофіі
Coordinator, Global Campaign for Peace Education

Quick Stats: Growing Participation and Engagement

The GCPE community has grown bigger and stronger in XNUMX.  Nearly XNUMX people, from every country in the world, visited the Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE) website this year.  That’s nearly double the number of visitors from XNUMX.   Thousands more interact with the GCPE via social media and other platforms.  We also адпраўлена больш за 184,945 XNUMX лістоў за апошнія 12 месяцаў! Акрамя таго, GCPE posted nearly XNUMX articles of peace education-related news, research, analysis, and events from approximately XNUMX countries in XNUMX.  (If news from your country isn’t included, we always welcome submissions via our online portal.) Our organizational & institutional coalition members now number XNUMX, a significant growth from XNUMX (if your organization isn’t already a member, please consider joining here).

Палітыка і заканадаўчыя дасягненні

In November, the UNESCO General Conference officially approved a proposal to перагледзець XNUMX Recommendation concerning Education for International Understanding, Co-operation and Peace and Education relating to Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (referred to as the XNUMX Recommendation).  The Recommendation is an important tool for monitoring the progress of the XNUMX Agenda for Sustainable Development.  The revised Recommendation will reflect evolved understandings of education, as well as address new threats to peace, toward providing international standards for the promotion of peace through education. Tony Jenkins, Coordinator of the GCPE, is supporting the revision process by contributing to the development of a technical note that will be utilized as the basis of consultations with experts and Member State representatives.  Learn more about this significant effort here.

At the heart of the Global Campaign is our mission to build public awareness and political support for the introduction of peace education into all spheres of education, including non-formal education, in all schools throughout the world.  In XNUMX we’ve witnessed several significant country-level policy efforts to strengthen, support, and institute peace education in schools, including efforts in Эфіопія, Малаві, Філіпіны, Іспанія, паўднёвы Судан, і Уганда.  In addition, in August, the Japan Teachers Union (JTU), China’s National Committee of the Educational, Scientific, Cultural, Health and Sports Workers’ Union, and the Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union (KTU) agreed on the importance of peace education as vital to international understanding and cooperation in a region of increasing tensions.

Распрацаваны новыя рэсурсы выхавання міру

The Peace Education Global Knowledge Clearinghouse.  Launched in early XNUMX, the Clearinghouse is a searchable database (with more than XNUMX entries) of peace education curricula, news, research, reports, and analysis from around the world curated by the GCPE.  This is quickly becoming a go-to source for knowledge in peace education.

Адлюстраванне мірнай адукацыі. Глабальная даследчая ініцыятыва GCPE, якая праводзіцца ў партнёрстве з некалькімі вядучымі арганізацыямі, якія займаюцца даследаваннем і практыкай выхавання міру, гэты дынамічны інтэрнэт-рэсурс забяспечвае дакументацыю на ўзроўні краіны і аналіз намаганняў па выхаванні міру па ўсім свеце. Праект быў запушчаны з віртуальнага форуму 9 кастрычніка, у якім правялі дыялог паміж каардынатарам глабальнай кампаніі Тоні Джэнкінсам і Сесіліяй Барб'еры, кіраўніком секцыі ЮНЕСКА па пытаннях глабальнага грамадзянства і выхавання міру (вы можаце view a video from the forum here). In addition to the creation of a new research tool, the project has helped to establish a vital new research coalition.

Людзі выхавання ў свеце. Сумесны праект Асацыяцыі гістарычнага дыялогу і даследаванняў (AHDR) і Міжнароднага інстытута адукацыі ў галіне міру (IIPE), пры падтрымцы Глабальнай кампаніі, People of Peace Education з'яўляецца публікацыяй і вэб-сайтам, якія ўздымаюць працу па выхаванні міру да шырокай грамадскасці, даючы ўяўленне пра жыццё і працу асветнікаў міру з усяго свету. Створаны паводле шырока вядомага праекта Humans of New York, у праекце прадстаўлены профілі, якія даследуюць матывацыі, праблемы, поспехі і разуменне выхавальнікаў міру, якія працуюць у розных кантэкстах.

Corona Connections: Learning for a Renewed WorldSince the beginning of the pandemic, the Global Campaign has sought to approach the crisis as an opportunity to explore new forms of learning and to elicit visions and plans for a preferred world. With this vision in mind, we’ve curated a series of more than XNUMX, mostly original articles offering analysis and learning in support of transformative responses to injustices revealed by the pandemic as well as the full range of threats to our planet.

У Мемарыяме

Our global community lost several pioneering educators, activists and advocates in XNUMX, amongst them: Абдул Азіз Саід (USA/Syria), Fr. Eliseo Mercado Jr (Мінданао, Філіпіны), Шуламіт Кеніг (USA), Phyllis Kotite (Ліван/ЗША/Францыя); званочкі (USA), and Вольга Варкунова (Russia).

Штомесячныя асноўныя моманты

Following are some of the highlight activities and efforts of the GCPE and its community of partners in XNUMX.


In January, Tony Jenkins, GCPE Coordinator, participated in the webinar “Peace education in formal schools: Why is it important and how can it be done?”  Organized by International Alert, the British Council, and the Cambridge Peace and Education Research Group, the event explored the findings of a new research report by the same name. The report discusses what peace education in schools looks like, its potential impact, and how it might be realized in practice. The report and recording of the event are можна паглядзець тут.


The Global Campaign was nominated for the XNUMX Nobel Peace Prize.  The nomination recognized the campaign as “the world’s most dynamic, influential, and far-reaching project in peace education, the sine qua non for disarmament and the abolition of war.” The GCPE was jointly recognized by three nominators: The Honorable Marilou McPhedran, Senator, Canada; Prof. Anita Yudkin, University of Puerto Rico; and Prof. Kozue Akibayashi, Doshisha University, Japan. While we didn’t win the prize, we see the nomination as a beacon of hope, providing acknowledgment of the tireless and courageous efforts of campaign members around the world who pursue the often invisible, transformative work of peace education.

A Path for Peacebuilding through Peace Education in Afghanistan. Tony Jenkins, GCPE Coordinator, moderated this special event hosted by Georgetown University’s MA in Conflict Resolution program.  The panel focused on the peacebuilding efforts that have taken place since the creation of the Islamic Republic in XNUMX through peace education in forms of the formal education system, technology, and art. A recording of the webinar is available here.

Дыялог з доктарам Бэці Рырдон па пытаннях выхавання ў свеце, арганізаваны ЮНЕСКА APCEIU. The Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU), in partnership with the Korean Society of Education for International Understanding (KOSEIU), hosted a Dialogue with GCPE co-founder Dr. Betty Reardon on February XNUMX. The forum was held on the occasion of the publication of the Korean version of Dr. Reardon’s book, Comprehensive Peace Education. A synopsis and video of the event можна знайсці тут.


У красавіку 2021, the GCPE conducted a youth-focused survey to better understand awareness of and interest in peace and social justice education among high-school and college-age youth. The survey was conducted by the GCPE Youth Team, composed primarily of students in the Justice and Peace Studies Program at Georgetown University.  A report analyzing the survey findings will be published in early XNUMX. The GCPE intends to use the results of this survey to help shape future youth-oriented programming, resource development, and the possible creation of a youth network. The report is also intended to support educators and organizers in their own youth programming efforts.


When the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan was announced, the GCPE sprang to support an ongoing global effort to assure the human security of Afghan women, адна з найбольш уразлівых груп насельніцтва, пацярпелых ад вываду. Выкарыстоўваючы рэзалюцыю 1325 Савета Бяспекі ААН аб жанчынах, міры і бяспецы як інструмент і норму міжнароднага права, глабальная кааліцыя пачала лабіраваць афіцыйных асоб ЗША і Раду Бяспекі ААН, каб дапамагчы ўсталяваць рэжым спынення агню і размясціць міратворцаў для абароны жанчын. GCPE прасоўваў шэраг петыцый у падтрымку гэтых намаганняў і працягвае заахвочваць салідарнасць з афганскімі жанчынамі і педагогамі, якія пацярпелі ад невыканання бяспекі.  Learn more about Afghan solidarity efforts here.

Also in May, the GCPE participated in a conference organized by The Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA) and Quakers in Britain on the theme of “The Possibilities of Peace Education: Evidence and Opportunities.” The conference built upon “Peace Education: Making the Case,” a report published in XNUMX by QCEA. The organizers produced a series of three videos to support the conference (XNUMX. Making the Case for Peace Education, XNUMX. What needs to be done to make Peace Education a Priority? XNUMX. What is Peace Education?).  You can watch these excellent videos here.


In July, the GCPE partnered with the International Institute on Peace Education (its sister initiative) in hosting the virtual learning event  IIPE Mexico PrepCom – Weaving Together Intercultural Peacelearning in a Pandemic Era». Мерапрыемства разгледзела шматлікія праблемы, з якімі сутыкнуліся педагогі па міры падчас пандэміі, і тое, як мы рэагавалі як асабіста, так і прафесійна. На сесіі таксама было прапанавана даследаваць, як мы можам будаваць суполкі клопату і салідарнасці, неабходныя для вылячэння ад шматлікіх траўмаў, выкліканых COVID-19. Мерапрыемства было праведзена ў рамках падрыхтоўкі да IIPE Мексікі (Міжнародны інстытут адукацыі ў галіне міру, які пройдзе ў Мексіцы летам 2022 года - першапачаткова планаваўся на 2021 год, але быў адкладзены з-за пандэміі).  Даведайцеся больш пра IIPE Мексіка тут, where you can also watch a short summary video from the virtual event.

The GCPE also embarked upon a new partnership with the Center for Peace Education Manipur (India) to establish a campaign to plant more than XNUMX moringa trees in South East Asia and spread a vision of peace education.  Leban Serto, convenor of the campaign, has been a member of the GCPE since it was launched in XNUMX.  He dedicated the effort to the GCPE.  Given the success of this initial effort, a follow-up campaign was launched in October to plant Moringa trees and promote awareness of peace education in Africa.  The Shine Africa Campaign, coordinated by Mariana Price, includes plans for supporting the development of  Peace Education Centres in every country in Africa.

July was a busy month.  Our partners in Nigeria, The Centre for Social Transformation and Human Development (CHDST) in collaboration with the Nigeria Network and Campaign for Peace Education, established plans to organize the first Independent Talking Across Generations on Education (iTAGe) event in Africa. The focus on their dialogue, which took place in September, was on “Deepening a Culture of Peace and Democracy through Education.” Our partners in Colombia, Fundación Escuelas de Paz, also organized an iTAGe event focused on the role of education in promoting youth participation and a culture of peace in Colombia, as well as implementing United Nations Security Council Resolution XNUMX on Youth, Peace and Security.  The Talking Across Generations on Education (TAGe) initiative is an effort of UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP).


In September, the GCPE participated in the Peace Education Day Virtual Conference. One of the goals of the conference was to establish a United Nations Peace Education Day.


У кастрычніку GCPE удзельнічаў у XNUMXnd World Peace Congress of the International Peace Bureau.  The GCPE supported peace education-related programming and participated in a peace education panel session.  You can watch GCPE Coordinator Tony Jenkins’ recorded presentation here.


In November we released the XNUMX edition of GCPE co-founder Betty Reardon’s seminal work Comprehensive Peace Education: Educating for Global Responsibility (XNUMX Edition). Кніга выдадзена ў Прэса мірных ведаў, a new publishing effort of the GCPE and International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE). All net proceeds from Peace Knowledge Press benefit the IIPE & GCPE.

The GCPE also participated in a special panel November virtual panel exploring Веды для складанага свету: пераасэнсаванне ролі даследаванняў міру і выхавання міру». Organized by the Berghof Foundation and the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg (IFSH), the event brought together peace education experts and peace researchers to dialogue on how both disciplines can find joint ways to cope with XNUMXst стагоддзя праблемы. Відэа панэлі можна знайсці тут.



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