Accept the Peace First Challenge

Accept the Peace First Challenge

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In so many ways, our country feels broken right now. The news is filled with stories of deep divisions across America, yet we know there are millions of young people – right now – who are hungry to help, who truly believe in inclusion, respect, and making a difference.

That is why with the support of The Allstate Foundation, Peace First is launching the Peace First Challenge – a call to action for teams of young people in the United States to create powerful solutions for issues in their schools and local communities. If you are between the ages of 13-24, we challenge you to change your communities for the better by crossing lines of difference, standing up for yourselves and others, and joining with others to solve community problems. Together, show the world the power young people have to be a force for good!

Accept the Peace First Challenge today by registering your team! Teams that sign up have a chance to participate in $100,000 in funding, including up to $250 to help get your project started.

Sign up by February 10th. Complete your project by May 12.




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