$2,898 per second. That’s how much the nuclear-armed countries spent on nuclear weapons last year

(Reposted from: ICAN email correspondence – International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. June 17, 2024)

ICAN released its fifth annual report on nuclear weapon spending on June 17, 2024: “Surge: 2023 Global Nuclear Weapons Spending”.

Here’s what you need to know:

Country Spending in 2023

  • China $11,850,032,735- $376/second
  • France $6,060,606,061 – $192/ second
  • India $2,657,874,340 – $84/second
  • Israel $1,090,804,771 – $35/second
  • North Korea $856,333,333 – $27/second
  • Pakistan $1,011,005,630 – $32/ second
  • Russia $8,308,544,638 – $263/second
  • United Kingdom $8,058,218,532 – $256/ second
  • United States $51,500,000,000 – $1,633/second

For a total of $91,393,420,041 – or $2,898 per second spent on nuclear weapons in 2023

In 2023, the nine nuclear-armed states spent $10.8 billion (13.4%) more on their nuclear arsenals than the year before, a total of $91.4 billion, or $2,898 per second on nuclear weapons.

It’s $10.8 billion more than in 2022. The United States spent more than all of the other nuclear-armed states combined and showed the biggest one-year increase to $51.5 billion. China was next in line, with spending of $11.9 billion and Russia spent $8.3 billion.

The report also shows that total nuclear weapons spending in the last five years was more than $387 billion, more than what the World Food Programme estimates it would take to end world hunger.

Of that, companies got about 30% of all spending, and turned around to hire at least 450 lobbyists as well as provide financing for major think tanks to influence the nuclear debate. 

There are a billion other things this money can go to – and it’s why we’re doing the 16-22 September Week of Action.  We’re going to have a call- (two calls, one early, one late) on 20 June to talk about the Week and hear from partners about the ways they’re organising to say No Money for Nuclear Weapons.  Will you join us?  (RSVP here)

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