On the anniversary of Nagasaki, it’s time to rethink nuclear strategy and ending the war in Ukraine

On the anniversary of the US dropping the atomic bomb on Nagasaki (August 9, 1945) it is imperative that we examine the failures of nuclear deterrence as a security policy.  Oscar Arias and Jonathan Granoff suggest nuclear weapons play a minimal deterrence role in NATO and put forth a bold proposal of making preparations for the withdrawal of all U.S. nuclear warheads from Europe and Turkey as a preliminary step to opening negotiations with Russia.  [continue reading…]

Funding opportunities

Ikeda Center Education Fellows Program: Call For Proposals

Established in 2007, the Education Fellows Program honors the educational legacy of global peacebuilder Daisaku Ikeda, and aims to advance research and scholarship on the internationally growing field of Ikeda/Soka studies in education. Fellows will be eligible for two years of funding at $10,000 per year to support doctoral dissertations in this field, including its relation to the philosophy and practice of education more generally. Apply by September 1, 2022. [continue reading…]

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Climate Crisis and Women’s Rights in South Asia: The Art of Anu Das

Anu Das is an Indian-born American artist whose talent gives rise to the visual representation of deeply felt perceptions of a range of the issues that inform peace education. The necklaces shown here are inspired by the climate crisis as it impacts the beauty and sustainability of the natural world, and women’s deep connection to and sense of responsibility for our living Earth. [continue reading…]