Month: February 2022

A Conversation with Betty Reardon: Stories of Peace Education

On February 17 the Peace Education Network (PEN) at Teachers College, Columbia University hosted renowned peace education scholar Dr. Betty Reardon for an interactive conversation exploring the history of peace education, current trends, and future predictions. Video is now available.

What can peace education do on the eve of war?

As conflict in Ukraine escalates, Ellis Brooks, the Peace Education coordinator at Quakers in Britain, explores the necessity of addressing the roots of war in the classroom.

Take a 10-minute survey to help shape global policy supporting peace education

The Global Campaign for Peace Education, in consultation with UNESCO, is supporting the review process of the 1974 Recommendation Concerning Education for International Understanding, Co-operation and Peace.  We strongly encourage your participation in this survey, a significant opportunity to contribute your voice to global policy supporting peace education. The deadline to respond is March 1.

War and Militarism: An intergenerational dialogue across cultures

The “War and Militarism: An intergenerational dialogue across cultures” webinar hosted by World BEYOND War explored the causes and effects of war and militarism in different settings, and showcased innovative approaches being used to support youth-led, intergenerational peacebuilding efforts at global, regional, national, and local levels.

Human Connections Forged in Human Suffering

An overlooked element in the COVID experience is how it can lead us into reflections on the human connections that carry us through the suffering, giving us an actual physical sense of being members of one human family, capable of caring for each other, as we must if the family is to survive. This post is a vivid instance of such an experience.

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