Month: January 2022

Graines de Paix seeks new Director

Graines de Paix is hiring its Director to lead forward its growing operations. He/she will be responsible for operations and administration, driving the healthy growth of the organisation in response to the current societal challenges regarding education and societal cohesion. Application deadline: February 7.

Sectarian divide still holds back Northern Ireland’s schools

Despite the 1998 Good Friday accords encouraging the creation of schools integrating the two communities, more than 20 years on from the ceasefire agreement that brought a fragile peace to Northern Ireland (NI), at least 90% of children still attend schools segregated on religious lines, according to recent official data.

Homage to Bishop Desmond Tutu

What could be a more telling indicator of the values that infuse the Global Campaign for Peace Education than Bishop Tutu having joined the co-founders, Magnus Haavelsrud and Betty Reardon on its inaugural panel at The Hague Conference in 1999? Desmond Tutu was the embodiment of the staunch commitment to just peace that peace educators aspire to cultivate.

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