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An Afghan Woman Calls American Women to Solidarity

This open letter from one professional woman to another, an Afghan university administrator should challenge all American women to confront the consequences of the abandonment of those most prepared to guide Afghanistan toward constructive membership in the world community: the educated, independent women responsible for gains in social equality now trampled by the Taliban. With the help of the White House Office charged with gender issues, the original, un-redacted letter addressed to Vice President Kamala Harris has been delivered to the Vice President’s office. We hope it will also be read and discussed in courses in peace studies and peace education to give voice to the untold women in Afghanistan in the same circumstances as the writer, some of whom we hope will find places in our colleges and universities. [continue reading…]

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UN Urged to Declare a Global Peace Education Day

Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury, former Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the UN and Founder of The Global Movement for The Culture of Peace, spoke at the First Annual Peace Education Day Conference organized virtually by The Unity Foundation and Peace Education Network. The conference organizers support an agenda to create a “Global Peace Education Day.” [continue reading…]