Abolish Nukes Now!

Social evils call for social response. For the peace education community, this means not only undertaking reflective inquiry into the ethical issues raised by nuclear weapons, but also giving equal attention to the ethical responsibilities of citizens to act to abolish them. [continue reading…]

Action Alerts

Invitation for youth to participate in U.S. Student School Peace and Safety Survey

Researcher Cheryl Lynn Duckworth is looking for U.S. public school students (ages 14-20) who would like to share their views on the peace and security policies of their schools for a national survey that contributes to a study applying a human security lens to understanding and addressing conflicts and violence in schools.  This includes policies such as active shooter drills, the use of school resource officers (police) in schools, arming teachers, anti-bullying programs and peer mediation/counseling.   [continue reading…]