The Deep American Roots of the Atlanta Shootings

This OpEd from The New York Times demonstrates how the convergence of oppressions suffered by those who bear the greatest burdens of systemic and structural violence are also the most vulnerable to multiple forms of physical violence, including murder. It calls peace educators to awareness of the convergence as a foundation for an inquiry into the challenge of devising learning experiences to illuminate the prejudicial attitudes and discriminatory values that facilitate behavioral violence and uphold the structures. [continue reading…]

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Universities engaging men to end violence against women

Men’s violence prevention (MVP) programs seek to transform men’s silence and inaction into allyship and change. However, it should be clear: MVP is a complementary approach to other violence against women (VAW) work. The point is not to center men, but to support women’s activism, research and leadership towards the goal of ending VAW wherever possible. [continue reading…]