Seven complex lessons in education for the future

UNESCO invited Edgar Morin to express his ideas on the essentials of education for the future as viewed in terms of his conception of ‘complex thought’. The essay published here by UNESCO is an important contribution to international debate on ways of reorienting education towards durable development. Edgar Morin sets forth seven key principles that he considers essential for education of the future. [continue reading…]

News & Highlights

Quality education, a school culture of care, and psychosocial well-being: Voices from Syrian children in a public school in Lebanon

In Hajir’s recent research in a public school in Lebanon, school-level experiences of Syrian children underscore that where refugees are included in national schools, they continue to feel excluded from some opportunities that might improve their psychosocial well-being. Her research also reveals that establishing a school culture of care, in addition to physically and psychologically safe environments, is crucial in addressing students’ perspectives on ‘quality education’. [continue reading…]

Activity Reports

Considering “Transformative Peace Education” online with the Berghof Foundation

The Berghof Foundation from Germany, partner for many years with Peace Boat on numerous educational programmes, organized a one-week online seminar on Transformative Peace Education focusing on topics including methods of conflict transformation, violence and nonviolence in the education system, peace education in the context of forced migration, and the potentials and limits of digital peace education. [continue reading…]

Funding opportunities

Open-Oxford-Cambridge Doctoral Training Partnership offering a fully funded doctoral award for peace and anti-nuclear activism research

Applications are invited for an Open-Oxford-Cambridge AHRC DTP-funded Collaborative Doctoral Award at The Open University, in partnership with The British Library of Political Science and Economics (LSE Library). Research should focus on a topic related to peace and/or anti-nuclear activism since 1945. [continue reading…]