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Education for peace: Systemic vision and multi-dimensional process (Colombia)

Multi-dimensional violence in Colombia has had a devastating effect on socio-cultural, political, economic, and environmental terms. To achieve a systemic change, it is necessary to understand the diversity of environments and actors that affect the learning of young people. Understanding this universe of actors and experiences, the Mi Sangre Foundation has designed a four-level intervention model; a proposal that has evolved over time in response to the needs of young people themselves and today’s society. [continue reading…]

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Peacebuilders Need the Concept of “the Militarist-Sexist Symbiosis” to Change the Militarized Security System

This essay by Yuuka Kageyama explores Betty Reardon’s conceptualization of the war system as upheld by a symbiotic relationship between militarism and sexism. The significance and relevance of this symbiosis in confronting the peace problematique of today is in its systemic approach to analyzing the interconnectedness of the causes and processes of various forms of violence in the war system as a whole. [continue reading…]


Securing Democracy in a Conflicted Election: Resources for Educators

During a volatile election, what can be done to preserve democracy and protect election outcomes? How might we respond to fear-mongering, a potential coup, intimidation efforts, and violence with nonviolence? The Global Campaign for Peace Education is compiling a list of resources to support educators in their efforts to teach about the current political moment, prepare students to constructively and nonviolently respond to threats, and to foster a more robust and sustainable democracy for the future. [continue reading…]

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UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons reaches 50 ratifications needed for entry into force

On October 24, 2020, the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons reached the required 50 states parties for its entry into force in 90 days, cementing a categorical ban on nuclear weapons, 75 years after their first use. The Global Campaign for Peace Education is a proud partner organization of ICAN, the global civil society coalition that led the effort to adopt the treaty. [continue reading…]