How Gandhi can help Gen Z

The recent shootings in the U.S. are markers of a growing problem for the world. Like many other similar incidents of violence in recent history, the perpetrators were in their 20s, members of Gen Z. Too many young people across the world are succumbing to violence, victims and perpetrators alike. [continue reading…]


What works to prevent violence against children in Afghanistan? Findings of a school-based peace education intervention in Afghanistan

This paper presents the results of an evaluation of school-based peace education and a community-based intervention to change harmful social norms and practices related to gender and the use of violence in conflict resolution, implemented in Afghanistan with the aim of reducing violence against and between children. [continue reading…]


Reparations Are a Peace Treaty

The first article in this six-part series explores how the wars on drugs and poverty were actually wars on people, making the case for reparations as a way toward peace. Future articles will explore national educational initiatives teaching young citizens about the true history of the US as a nation and educating for peace rather than war. [continue reading…]