nagaland peace channel
Activity Reports

Imparting peace education in Nagaland, India

Fr. C.P. Anto, the founder-director of Peace Channel, while addressing the induction of the new peace club members said that “peace education in the educational institutions can end all forms of violence in the families, schools, and communities.” He also stressed on the importance of peace education in the multi-cultural, religious and linguistic communities of Nagaland. [continue reading…]


Johan Galtung on Education

“Any educational form should be evaluated in terms of its structure and the following questions should always be asked: Does it permit feedback? Does it bring people together in a joint endeavor rather than keeping them apart? Does it permit general participation, and is the total form of education capable of self-generated change? In short, is there dialogue that engages learners, rather than simply a message conveyed in educational settings?” – Johan Galtung [continue reading…]


Teach Palestine

The Teach Palestine Project website is a resource by and for k-12 teachers and teacher-educators focused on introducing Palestine into their classrooms and schools.  Few U.S. schools teach about Palestine – this project seeks to change that.   [continue reading…]