Month: December 2018

“Social Education for Human Survival”

Commenting on her 1975 publication, “A Social Education for Human Survival: A Synthesis of Practices in International Education and Peace Studies,” Betty Reardon asserts that teachers should be provided with the rationale that underlies the curricula they are called upon to teach, and urges attention to “the ecological imperative,” the need for peace education to confront human responsibility for the survival of the planet.

Vicent Martínez Guzmán – In Memoriam

Vicent Martínez Guzmán, a pillar of the peace community in Spain and around the world, passed away last August 23rd, 2018. Vicent leaves a prolific written legacy in philosophy and peace research, as well as a strong continuing international academic program in peace, conflict and development studies.

A Resource Pack for Global Citizenship Education (GCED)

The overarching objective of ‘A Resource Pack for Global Citizenship Education (GCED)’ is to share a broader understanding of GCED theory and practice, in order to support its effective development and implementation at the policy, school and classroom levels.

Law as an Instrument of Peace: “War Criminals: War Victims”

This article by Betty Reardon is the third in a series exploring Betty’s 6 decades of peacelearning: a review of her publications in development of theories, pedagogies, curricula, and teacher preparation in peace education. In this post, Betty comments on “War Criminals, War Victims,” a world order study unit for senior secondary grades from the “Crises in World Order Series” published in 1974. Betty’s commentary explores the “Shimoda case,” and raises issues of the legality of nuclear weapons and the standing of individual citizens in international law. She links this case to contemporary efforts to apply international law to the abolition of nuclear weapons. The case and collateral materials used together could open inquiry into the role of law in, and citizen responsibility for the disarmament and peace movements at upper secondary and lower tertiary levels.

The Dialogical Turn: A Review Essay of “Peacebuilding Through Dialogue: Education, Human Transformation, and Conflict Resolution”

“Peacebuilding Through Dialogue” is a valuable collection of reflections on the meaning, complexity, and application of dialogue. The collection advances our understanding of dialogue and its applicability in multiple and diverse contexts. This review essay by Dale Snauwaert summarizes specific reflections of dialogue in the domains of education, followed by a reflection on the dialogical turn in moral and political philosophy.

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