Month: November 2018

Questions academics can ask to decolonise their classrooms

Research conducted among academics and students at a historically white South African university suggests that many are thinking about “decolonizing the curriculum” from only one angle: changing the content of what they teach. So, for example, they might add Africa-based authors to a reading list. But they don’t shift the tasks required to engage with that literature, which still leaves many students feeling alienated and marginalized.

Notes on Conflict, Peace and Education in Kashmir

As there seems no end to conflict in Kashmir, the development of a conflict-sensitive education system therefore requires a holistic approach, which takes account of the potentially constructive and destructive impact of education in all its manifestations.

How Teachers Designed a School Centered On Caring Relationships

The underlying vision of the Social Justice Humanitas school: help students become the best version of themselves. With that vision guiding every decision — from how to support students on academic probation, to hiring — the school has built a culture where teachers’ voices are central, and everyone is looking out for one another.

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