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Teaching toward Nuclear Abolition: Disarmament Week 2018

First called for in 1978 in the Final Document of the UN’s first Special Session on Disarmament, Disarmament Week begins on the anniversary of the founding of the UN. It is a time for peace educators to address the problems and possibilities that arise in striving toward what Elise Boulding referred to as a “weapons free world.” As the Global Campaign for Peace Education’s contribution to the aims of the week, we offer materials to initiate discussion of the abolition of nuclear weapons, and contemplating the writing of a “new history.” [continue reading…]

News & Highlights

“Let Us Examine Our Attitude toward Peace”

This article is the first in a series exploring Betty Reardon’s six decades of peacelearning. Here Betty comments on her 1968 co-edited collection on world order: “Let Us Examine Our Attitude toward Peace: An Inquiry into Some of the Political and Psychological Barriers to World Peace.” She asks readers how the 1963 discourse on disarmament and the abolition of nuclear weapons by Pope John XIII and President John F. Kennedy might remain relevant to peace educators today. [continue reading…]

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Nobel Peace Prize 2018: a teachable moment

This Nobel Prize presents a teachable moment.  Too few are aware of how integral violence against women (VAW) is to war and armed conflict. VAW will continue to exist as long as war exists.  Eliminating VAW is not about making war somehow “safer” or more “humanitarian.”  Reducing and eliminating VAW is dependent on the abolition of war.  [continue reading…]