German Civil Peace Service (CPS) seeks trainer of pedagogical personnel for schools in Eastern Ukraine

The German Civil Peace Service is looking for an expert to support the NGO EdCamp that promotes vocational training for a Ukraine-wide network of active and motivated teachers in participatory and innovative ways. The expert will cooperate with EdCamp to introduce, implement, monitor and evaluate components of peaceful-conflict management to teacher’s trainings. [continue reading…]


Elise Boulding: nurturing children’s relationship to the planet

“We’re never going to have respectful and reverential relationships with the planet – and sensible policies about what we put in the air, the soil, the water – if very young children don’t begin learning about these things literally in their houses, backyards, streets and schools. We need to have human beings who are oriented that way from their earliest memories.”  – Elise Boulding [continue reading…]