September 2018

African educators commit to promote peace education in schools

Educators from 11 African countries have expressed commitment to ensure that young Africans are well educated about peace and values the continent needs. A delegation of 15 Jesuit Education Directors made their pledge after concluding a three-day workshop at Peace School at Kigali Genocide Memorial.

5 Fully funded PhDs in peace and conflict studies

This article highlights institutions that offer fully-funded PhD programmes in peace and conflict studies, with the hope that it would encourage students to undertake courses in peace and conflict studies, thereby helping to build a critical mass of peacemakers, peacebuilders and conflict resolution experts.

Education about the Holocaust and genocide in Namibia

Ndapewoshali Ashipala works for the Museum’s Association of Namibia. She and her colleague Memory Biwa have created a project to advance education about the Holocaust and genocide in Namibia, including the first Namibian exhibition on the 1904 genocide.

Evelin Lindner’s Blue Planet Perspective for Transforming Humiliation and Terror

In this review essay, Janet Gerson writes that to understand Dr. Evelin Lindner and her new book “Honor, Humiliation and Terror: An Explosive Mix and How We Can Defuse It with Dignity” is to seek out an innovative transdisciplinary approach to key crises of our times. Her purpose is “intellectual activism” laid out through a “painter’s way of seeing, a journey in search of new levels of meaning.”

AFRANE Seeks Peace Education Trainer (Kabul, Afghanistan)

AFRANE is a French NGO supporting the afghan population with urgent needs. It focuses its intervention on the education sector, believing that education is the first path towards peace. Application deadline: September 30.

A Special Message from Betty Reardon

I am honored and proud to send the first message of support for this special fundraising initiative ($90k for 90) for the sustainability of the International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) and the Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE).

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