Month: January 2018

Teaching For Peace in Refugee Camps

Almost all refugees are suffering from religious persecution or fleeing war, with over half originating from South Sudan, Afghanistan and Syria. These places have been brutalized by terrorists and dictators. So how can we help to educate refugees for peace and stop them from going down the same path? We know that child soldiers can become peace educators, so what steps need to be taken to help refugees learn the value of peace?

Five ways to support youth inclusion in peacebuilding

Young people who have experienced conflict firsthand have a vital role to play in peacebuilding. However, in many cases they are seen not as positive forces for peace, but rather as threats to it. Recent research conducted by Conciliation Resources with youth from five different conflict regions identified the five key changes which need to be made to ensure young people are able to participate in creating more peaceful societies.

Visiting Robben Island and Meeting Itumeleng Makwela

Upon arriving in South Africa, you immediately notice the overwhelming impact that Nelson Mandela has had.   Everywhere are quotes and likenesses of him.  Products and places carry his name.  On the last day of our trip,  we visited Robben Island, where Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years. 

Trainer (Educating & Activating to Counteract Dangerous Speech & Prevent Violence)

Over Zero seeks a trainer to support its core programmatic work in training and capacity building for civil society groups. These trainings introduce groups to key concepts and approaches for counteracting the impact of Dangerous Speech. The Trainer will be responsible for leading trainings and identifying and coordinating new training opportunities in the United States.

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