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Organization of Islamic Cooperation on Peace Through Education

In mid-October, the foreign ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation member countries met in Tashkent, Uzbekistan to find new ways to promote peace and prosperity, and fight radicalization and reign in violent extremism. In the belief that education is an important tool to promote peace and economic development and to combat the ideology of terrorism and violent extremism, the dignitaries adopted the theme “Education and Enlightenment: The Path to Peace and Creativity.” To facilitate the process of countering violent extremist ideology online, the Organization also launched the Center for Dialogue, Peace and Understanding. [continue reading…]

Activity Reports

Three Decades of Human Rights Education: A Conversation with HRE Pioneers Nancy Flowers & Norma Tarrow

After 30 years of advocating and educating for human rights in the United States, Nancy Flowers and Norma Tarrow addressed a packed room full of social justice and HRE graduate students, scholars, and educators at the University of San Francisco. Nancy and Norma went decade by decade through their interconnected experiences in advocating and educating about, for, and through human rights. [continue reading…]

Trainings / Workshops

Free online course – Living at the Nuclear Brink: Yesterday and Today

This free online course is offered by Stanford University in partnership with The William J Perry Project, an initiative created by the former Secretary of Defense to work towards a world in which nuclear weapons are never used again. The key goals of this course are to warn you of the dangers you face and to give you some insight on what could be done to avoid those dangers. The course differs from many others in a fundamental way: our goal is not just to provide facts for your education, but to inspire you to take action. [continue reading…]

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Action Alerts

Invitation to Participate: Survey Exploring Networked Impact of Peace/Conflict-Focused International Education Programs

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Boston are conducting a study on the networks formed through peace/conflict-focused international education and study abroad programs, and the impact that these networks have in fostering peace. If you direct (or work/teach in) such a program, or have in the past, they ask for your assistance in filling out an online survey. [continue reading…]

News & Highlights

“COLECTIVO EDUCACIÓN PARA LA PAZ” MANIFESTO: Farewell to war! Reasons for a Pedagogy for Peace

This manifesto, issued by ‘El Colectivo Educación para la Paz’ of Colombia outlines a collective commitment to, and vision for, peace education through clearly articulated values and principles for peace education and peace pedagogy.

‘El Colectivo Educación para la Paz’ (The Peace Education Collective) constitutes an effort of several universities, research centers and non-governmental organizations at the national and international order committed to the design, management and implementation of plans, programs and projects of national and international practices aimed at reducing social exclusion and violence impact, as well as strengthen a culture of peace, peaceful coexistence and recognition of differences.

[continue reading…]

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Activity Reports

Peace initiative: Professionals to be trained as peace ambassadors (Pakistan)

The nongovernmental organization Empowerment through Creative Integration has signed a memorandum of understanding with Pakistan Vocational Training Centres for the implementation of a three-month project titled Professionals as Peace Ambassadors in Multan. Under the project, individuals will be assigned to visit the academic institutions and organizations to develop leadership qualities and to train professionals to take part in activities that promote peace initiatives in their respective organizations. [continue reading…]