100+ Free Education for Peace (and Justice) Resources Online

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100+ Free Education for Peace (and Justice) Resources Online for socially-conscious teachers and educators of all stripes

This excellent resource was prepared by Taylor O’Connor, a peacebuilder, idealist, and dreamer. Taylor publishes the blog Everyday Peacebuilding.

“We must inoculate our children against militarism, by educating them in the spirit of pacifism… Our schoolbooks glorify war and conceal its horrors. They indoctrinate children with hatred. I would teach peace rather than war, love rather than hate.” – Albert Einstein

How I have organized the resources

100+ educational resources is a lot, so let me just give you a quick overview of how I’ve got all this stuff organized.

I’ve got three main sections:

  1. Peace education theory, frameworks, and strategic planning
  2. Peace education programs with curriculum materials
  3. Curriculum and training materials by theme

The largest section is the last one. Here are the sub-themes under the third section:

  • Peace and peacebuilding
  • Deconstructing war and violence
  • Intercultural and interfaith
  • Anti-racism and anti-bias
  • Social justice and activism
  • Human rights and responsibilities
  • Conflict transformation and nonviolent action
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Community engagement and social action

Resources may include the following: planning guides, manuals, toolkits, curriculum guides, lesson plan packages, single lessons (only if they are outstanding!), packs of readings and texts, service-learning guides, action planning guides, etc. etc. etc.

Also, resource links may be direct downloads, a web page with information on the resource together with the download link, resource pages with multiple downloads, or lesson plan databases, etc. You have to enter your email to get the download on a few, and I indicate this where relevant.

Everything is available in English, and in cases where other languages are available, I have let you know.

Some resources are for global contexts, some for regional contexts, and others for specific country or cultural contexts. If it’s not clear in the resource title, I’ve tried to indicate it in the description. If you’re a genuine educator, then you know how to adapt resources as needed.

I’ve chosen only resources from websites that are complete (i.e. not a bunch of broken links on the site), where there’s no ploy to sell you something, and where websites seem like they will be around for a while. A few websites that had great resources were down at the time of writing, so I didn’t include them <sad face>.

If I’m missing any key resources, or if any great new resources come out, please let me know in the comments, and I can update this at a later date. I plan to update it yearly.

100+ free education for peace (and justice) resources

I’ve indicated 100 resources below and numbered each. I describe it as 100+ because some include links to multiple resources. Also, note that a few organizations have extensive databases covering some relevant themes, and so a few of these databases are referenced more than once with links to different themed collections within each. All in all, it’s over 100, and the 100 I’ve chosen to include are the best of the best.

: to the best of my knowledge, the resources I’ve included are free to distribute, and the information I wrote about them is accurate. If I’ve added any resource that shouldn’t be available for download or have misrepresented any item in any way, kindly let me know (in the comments or message), and I will take down or adjust as needed.

Peace education theory, frameworks, and strategic planning

Documents included in this section only represent peace education or are otherwise directly associated with peace. There are many frameworks for human rights education, anti-bias education, education for sustainable development, and otherwise. These are not included. Curriculum resources for these themes are included in a later section.

Some resources in this section also include teaching and learning activities.

1. Learning to Abolish War: Teaching Toward a Culture of Peace (2002) | by the Hague Appeal for Peace Global Campaign for Peace Education

A comprehensive 3-book packet including a theoretical overview, sample lessons, a teacher-training outline, and networking resources for peace education. Also in Russian, Arabic, Albanian, and French.

2. Peace Education: A Pathway to a Culture of Peace Third Edition (2019) | by The Center for Peace Education at Miriam College

A resource document that can be used to support educators to integrate peace education in classrooms, schools, and education systems.

3. Learning to Live Together: Design, monitoring and evaluation of education for life skills, citizenship, peace and human rights (2008) | by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ (formerly GTZ)

A comprehensive toolkit for design, monitoring and evaluation of peace education, human rights education, etc.

4. Designing Learning for Peace: Peace Education Competence Framework and Educational Guidelines (2016) | issued by Mainstreaming Peace Education Series, a co-operation of European civil society organizations

A competence framework developed to support formal and non-formal educators to develop Peace Education activities.

5. Community-based Institutes on Peace Education (CIPE) organizers manual: a peace education planning guide (2007) | by the International Institute on Peace Education

Guidance on planning, preparation and strategizing for community-based, non-formal peace education teacher training initiatives. Includes useful tools, activities, and examples.

6. Adolescents as Peacebuilders Toolkit (2016) | by UNICEF Adolescent Development and Participation Section

A package of guidance, tools and participatory activities for strategic planning and evaluation of peacebuilding programs. Integrates use of UNICEF’s Peacebuilding Competency-learning Framework.

7. Transformative pedagogy for peace-building: a guide for teachers (2017) | by The International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa

A guide for teachers on the why and how to educate for peacebuilding. Includes 20 experiential learning activities and practical tools to assess peace learning.

8. Peacebuilding in Divided Communities (2012) | by Karuna Center for Peacebuilding

A reflective learning guide with chapters on conflict analysis, peacebuilding interventions, intercommunal dialogue, social healing and reconciliation, preparing peacebuilding facilitators, and creating learning communities. 47 training activities included. Also available in Arabic.

9. Building Peace Together: a practical resource (2018) | by the Quaker Council for European Affairs

A reference document that provides chapter by chapter information about how peacebuilders can operate across a range of sectors from education, to healthcare, to arts, to business. Also available in French, Russian, Arabic and Turkish.

10. Learning to Live Together: Building Skills, Values and Attitudes for the Twenty-first Century (2004) | by UNESCO International Bureau of Education

A review of educational frameworks and initiatives associated with the theme of ‘learning to live together.’

11. Reflecting on Peace Practice (RPP) Basics: A Resource Manual (2016) | by CDA Collaborative Learning Projects

Guidance on applying CDA’s approach to conflict sensitivity and peacebuilding. Includes useful tools and facilitation resources for conflict analysis and peacebuilding strategic planning.

12. Peace Education in UNICEF (1999) | by UNICEF

An old-school working paper assessing how Peace Education programs in UNICEF can use a range of children’s educational experiences to promote peace and social justice.

13. Manual for Colleges & Universities Developing Programs in Peace & Conflict Studies (2018) | by Conflict Studies Collaborative

A “how to” handbook to assist colleges and universities to build peace and conflict studies programs.

Comprehensive programs with peace-learning curriculum

Resources in this section are explicitly about peace or peacebuilding. Each tends to follow its own unique framework that includes a mix of themes.

Curriculum and training materials by theme

Some of the links are full downloadable curriculum packages with many activities, some are single lesson plans for outstanding activities, some are classroom handouts and resources, and others link to websites that have numerous lesson-plans available for individual download. A few are reading materials that could be used to form a full curriculum, or links to websites with downloadable handouts and classroom materials.

For those readers who are quite into this topic, it’s worth noting that you should check out the Global Campaign for Peace Education. Sign up for the monthly newsletter to stay plugged in. I have no affiliation with them. I just think they’re great, and they’re really the go-to source and community for peace education news, views, research, policy, resources, programs, and events worldwide

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