Vietnam Peace Committee: Enhance external relations, increase peace education

Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly, President of the VPC Uong Chu Luu presents certificate of appreciation to individuals with contribution to the success of the WPC Executive Committee meeting held in Hanoi in November (photo: Phi Yen)

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The Vietnam Peace Committee (VPC) recently held a conference to review its activities in the year 2017 and decide the action plans and key tasks in 2018.

The conference was attended by member of the Central Party Committee, Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly, President of VPC Uong Chu Luu; Vice President, General Secretary of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO); Executive Committee of VPC and representatives of city/province-level Peace Committee.

Significant activities VPC has conducted in 2017 were reviewed in the conference in three areas: multilateral, bilateral and domestic affairs.

In terms of multilateral affairs, in the year 2017, VPC has successfully hosted the first meeting of the World Peace Council (WPC) Executive Committee in Hanoi, which realize CPV’s policies of diversification, the multilateralisation of ties and improving the VPC’s stature within the WPC framework.

In addition, the VPC actively took part in peace-promotion international conferences, such as the World Conference Against A&H Bombs, the ASEAN People’s Forum 2017.

With regards to the bilateral ties, the VPC fostered its ties with neighbouring countries and worked with partners from Japan, the Republic of Korea, Bangladesh, India and Czech Republic in multilateral people-to-people activities.

Particularly, VPC has been active in promoting security and sovereignty over the seas and islands by incorporating related contents in its working agenda in international and regional forums; emphasizing the spirit of the State and people of Vietnam in maintaining peace and security in the East Sea.

At the same time, research activities have received adequate attention. Remarkably, the VPC, in coordination with the Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation, the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics’ Research Institute for Human Rights and Germany’s Rosa Luxumberg Stiftung, successfully held the international seminar entitled “The role of peace in promoting and protecting human rights”; dialogue on the significance of Russian October Revolution on occasion of the revolution’s 100th anniversary, and has been completing the book introducing the perspectives on peace stated in the 12th Party Congress’s document.

The VPC also closely coordinated with the People’s Committee, province/city-level peace committee in Hanoi, HCM.City, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Thai Nguyen to organize and attend various events, such as the 70th anniversary celebrating the day the Central Party, the government and President Ho Chi Minh traveled to Thai Nguyen ATK zone to guide the revolutionary resistance against the French colonists; requiem service for the Vietnamese and foreign martyrs who had sacrified their lives to safeguard the country and the innocent civilians  killed in the B52 bomb massacre in 1972.

Besides the achievements reaped in 2017, VPC also noticed that there are several areas for improvements such as the limited capability in mobilizing sponsorships, insufficient collaboration with departments under VUFO, etc.

Based on what have been achieved in the year 2017 as well as the shortcomings and the increasingly complicated circumstance of the world, VPC has come up with an action plan for the following year.

Accordingly, in 2018, the VPC will further enhance its multilateral diplomatic activities and strengthen solidarity, friendship and mutual understanding between Vietnamese and the people in other countries.

Discussing the tasks for 2018, delegates in the conference agreed to further increase their ties with traditional partners and expand their relations with those from Asia and Latin America, in addition to responsibly and effectively joining in the activities of the WPC and multilateral people-to-people forums.

At the same time, VPC will focus on several important activities, such as the VPC Congress for tenure 2018-2023; sending representative attending the Europe-Asia People’s Forum, the World Conference against A & H Bombs, second meeting of the World Peace Council (WPC) Executive Committee; mutual exchange activity with the Chinese people’s Association for Peace and Disarmament, the Laos Committee for Peace and Solidarity.

The VPC will also work on holding its Congress for the 2018-2023 tenure, increase its activities at central and local levels, raise public awreness, especially among younger generations, of peace and related activities, as well as conduct studies on peace and human rights issues.

At the conference, the VPC also presented Certificate of Appreciation to the Hanoi city Peace Committee and individuals with significant contribution to the organization of the first meeting of  (WPC) Executive Committee  in Hanoi in November.

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