Virtual Immersion Training For Peacebuilders: “Mission Zhobia – Winning The Peace”

Imagine peacebuilding practitioners immersed in a virtual scenario where they hone skills in critical areas of peacebuilding. What if these professionals could learn by doing in a safe environment where failure had no real-life consequences? Thanks to a new online game called, Mission Zhobia: Winning the Peace, the idea is more than a dream. It’s a reality.

Paul Darvasi's UNESCO paper argues that video games can be used to promote peace education and conflict resolution. (Photo: CBC)

Are video games the key to world peace?

UNESCO’s Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace (UNESCO-MGIEP) commissioned a Toronto researcher to write an extensive study on the topic of empathy based video games. Not only that, but the UN is set to release two empathy games of its own.

Search for Common Ground seeks beta-testers for innovative social media/video game

Over the past two years, Search for Common Ground has brought together experts from engineering, marketing, and academia with young peacebuilders from around the world. They’ve envisioned a new way to reach young people with a vision of global leadership: “Battle for Humanity” – a global, online platform where social media meets real-life video game.