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How can education prevent school violence and bullying based on ethnic discrimination?

UNESCO organized a workshop on Global Citizenship Education as part of the International Symposium on School Violence and Bullying: From Evidence to Action that took place in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Global Guidance on Addressing School-Related Gender-Based Violence

This guidance aims to provide a comprehensive, one-stop resource on school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV), including clear, knowledge-based operational guidance, diverse case studies drawn from examples of promising practice and recommended tools for the education sector and its partners working to eliminate gender-based violence.

Teachers at Gramercy’s International High School — which exclusively serves new immigrants — say they have already seen President-elect Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric manifest negatively at the building they share with five other schools. (Photo: DNAinfo/ Gustavo Solis)

Schools Brace for Feared Rise in Anti-Immigrant Bullying After Trump’s Win

New York City teachers have seen an increase in student fears as the campaign wound on, culminating the day after the election.

A Silent National Crisis: Violence Against Teachers

We know a lot about the phenomenon of school violence and how to recognize, mitigate and prevent it. This slideshow, research and brochure developed by the American Psychological Association is based on the assumption that school violence may be related to teacher victimization. The knowledge is framed in the form of questions that reflect different levels of prevention and intervention.

Students march against bad students – Trinidad & Tobago

Thousands of children of all ages marched to take a stand against crime and violence in schools. About 8,000 school children joined in what Minister of Education Anthony Garcia called a, ‘Walk for Peace’. “We are trying to promote a culture of peace in our classrooms,” said Minister Garcia, adding, “we are saying no to violence, no to bullying and no to crime!”

Lingering Colonialities as Blockades to Peace Education: School Violence in Trinidad

Based on research in Trinidad, Hakim Mohandas Amani Williams argues that ‘school’ violence is reduced to ‘youth’ violence, and that the predominating discourse about what constitutes school violence itself, and its drivers/‘causes’, takes on a limiting and individualizing nature. As a result, the principal interventions that emanate from such a discourse are correspondingly narrow and therefore fail to reveal the structural violence in which youth violence in schools is embedded. William’s posits this discursive violence as a lingering coloniality, which is a blockade to sustainable peace education in Trinidad’s schools.

Andre Tippet ,Executive Director of Community Relations for the New England Patriots, and a former player,speaks during an announcement at Central High about a Anti Violence Partnership between the team and the State. Springfield Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and student Anthony Owens and Emlie Rodriguez, rigth a para at the school look on. (Photo: Mark M. Murray / The Republican)

NFL Hall of Famer urges high school students to take stand against violence

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey and former New England Patriots linebacker and NFL Hall of Famer Andre Tippett told Central High School students on Thursday that football players and other school athletes can help lead the way in preventing violence. Healey and Tippet visited Central to promote “Game-Change: The Patriots Anti-Violence Partnership,” a new initiative of the AG’s office and the New England Patriots aimed at providing students with the tools to combat a culture of violence that has crept into American society.

Southern Poverty Law Center calls for the expulsion of police from schools as a measure to stop the unnecessary criminalization of children.

Stop the Abuse of Children in School: Expel the Police

Southern Poverty Law Center calls for the expulsion of police from schools as a measure to stop the unnecessary criminalization of ordinary children. Virtually all of the scholars who study this phenomenon have concluded that the militarization of schools, coupled with the advent of zero tolerance policies, has had a vastly disproportionate impact on children of color and those with disabilities. The results: more dropouts, more poverty, more incarceration, more alienation and despair.

Call for Chapters: Creating a Sustainable Vision of Nonviolence in Schools and Society

This would be an edited book giving non violence a contemporary face. Nonviolence philosophy embraces all circumstances where there is no desire (natural or acquired) to kill /harm humans, animals, all forms of life and their environment. This viewpoint is based on moral and spiritual principles where there is complete absence of violence in all […]

Teaching Social Skills to Improve Grades and Lives

(Original article: David Bornstein, NY Times – July 24, 2015) In the early 1990s, about 50 kindergarten teachers were asked to rate the social and communication skills of 753 children in their classrooms. It was part of the Fast Track Project, an intervention and study administered in Durham, N.C., Nashville, Seattle and central Pennsylvania. The […]

Decolonization Ain’t Over: The Pressing Need for a Global Peace Education, Now!

Dr. Hakim Mohandas Amani Williams Gettysburg College(Featured article: Issue #118 February 2015) Circa 1498, Columbus took a slightly different route on his third trip to the Caribbean. His more southerly turn brought him close to what is now Venezuela. He sighted an island, with three mountain peaks and the Holy Trinity came to mind. This […]

PJSA Position Paper: Making Schools Safe for All Students Through Holistic Programs and Peace Education

Please note: this position paper is available in PDF version. Please contact for PDF, notes & references and other information: Laura Finley ([email protected]) (954-592-7893) Position Paper:Making Schools Safe for All Students Through Holistic Programs and Peace Education In light of recent school shootings and serious bullying incidents, the PJSA calls on current and future educators, […]

Within Reason: Critical Reflections on Connections Between School & Social Violence

David J. Ragland, Ph.D. Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville – Learning, Culture and Society Program(Featured article: Issue #101 January 2013) On December 12, 2012, I visited a good friend and colleague at Leadership and Public Service High School in downtown, Manhattan. You can see the construction of the freedom towers at ground zero from the school’s […]