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Prophetic, Practical Peacemaking in Syria and Iraq

The Church of England’s only Syrian-born clergyman, Dr Nadim Nassar, is also Director of the London-based Awareness Foundation, a charity that provides peace-making education in Syria and Iraq and builds understanding between faiths in the UK. The scars left by war and brutality are deep but the education programmes run by the Awareness Foundation are transformative. [continue reading…]
Activity Reports

Addressing Religious & Ethnic Violence Through Peace Education in Myanmar

This report, by Mary Pham, a fellow with the Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict and Complexity at the Earth Institute at Columbia University, details her applied research examining best practices of civil society strengthening that can drive positive social change and increase justice, rights, peace and development in Burma. [continue reading…]

As a Teacher and a Daughter: The Impact of Islamophobia

As educators, we know that our words carry a powerful weight. Although we can’t control how the media portrays Muslim people, we can encourage students to think critically about the messages that they receive from the media. We must also protect our students from classroom debates where they are singled out and feel like they have to defend their faith. One way to mitigate the impact of Islamophobia is to teach our students about it. We need to expose and critique the myths being constructed about Islam all around them in the media, in public discourse, and even in their classrooms. [continue reading…]
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A Discussion with Betty Reardon, Peace Educator

Betty Reardon is an authentic leader and guru in the field of peace education, which she defines broadly and inclusively as something as fundamental to basic social education as public health or personal finance. She has worked for many years on the pedagogy involved in teaching topics related to building a more peaceful world. This conversation with Katherine Marshall of the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs at Georgetown University focuses on the agenda of a U.S. State Department-appointed sub-group working on women, religion, peace, and security. It also explores wide-ranging issues including interfaith relations, women’s approaches to and roles in work for peace, and the contemporary challenges of educating citizens who can appreciate differences and navigate in a world where different viewpoints are an immediate and significant factor in everyday lives. [continue reading…]
Activity Reports

Learning to Live Together in South Africa: Fostering Inter-religious Cooperation

Saydoon Nisa Sayed is a South African human rights faith activist. She is moved by her faith, passionate about children and restless on gender justice advocacy. Saydoon is the regional coordinator for Religions for Peace, an international and interfaith movement that works across religious divides to bring peace and understanding. Saydoon has been implementing the Learning to Live Together Programme of Arigatou International in more than 20 schools. In this interview, Saydoon observes “Ethics education should form the bases for educating in any subject. It should include feelings, right and wrong, spirituality, the doing of good and avoiding the doing of bad, coming together on common issues and addressing them collectively.” [continue reading…]